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You will never be able to find out the Phone Number List search volumes for these words again. SEO tools that have a search console access such as SEO Effect, Moz or Raven can help you include this data directly in your keyword lists. The Phone Number List click and impression volumes are then converted to search volumes. If you do this manually, make sure you have the correct settings in Search console: Impressions Correct country Phone Number List Search type A date range of a whole month Follow the 4 steps to get the clicks and impressions as in this screenshot.

Set the date to 1 month to allow Phone Number List comparison with search volumes. And don’t forget to set the country to NL! search console does show data settings steps So far Do you have any questions? Found exceptions or other quirks in the Phone Number List Google tool? Sign up below in the comment. Is SEO Dead? If it’s up to Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trend Analyst, “As long as search engines don’t exist.” During Friends of Phone Number List Search 2017, he did add that SEO is changing and marketers have to respond to it. Take, for example, the increase in mobile and voice search.

In addition to Gary Illyes, other Phone Number List well-known names such as Marty Weintraub and Aleyda Solis gave presentations during the conference. In this article the 5 best SEO learnings. Google’s focus on mobile Consumer Phone Number List search behavior is shifting to ‘mobile first’. Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role in the customer journey . Nowadays, more searches are made via mobile devices than with desktop computers. It is clear that Google is putting a clear focus on mobile. The Phone Number List aforementioned Gary Illyes discussed the mobile first index, AMP and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in his presentation.