Show: Seize The Dragon

Adventure awaits! Take on the role of “the powers that be” as you guide the actions of three mighty adventurers in a live, expansive fantasy world. Will your heroes succeed in combat? Gain fame and fortune? Or will they fall into peril and ultimately fail? It’s up to the choices you make and the actions you take in this completely unique tabletop role playing experience. There might be dungeons. There may be dragons. But either way it’s adventure guaranteed.

My first D&D RPG was Session Zero for this show. I feel like I’ve been really missing out on something here. I’d love to hear about anyone else’s “first time” rolling the dice…

I’ve only played D&D on the computer. Have never done a traditional around the table session.

Interesting. Where do you play on the computer? Is there a particular site you recommend…?

Just standard computer and video games set in D&D worlds. Baldur’s Gate is the one I remember most.

Then there are other role playing games that I don’t think are licensed D&D but have similar feel:

Ah! I will check those out. Thanks for including links @chad !

Do you like tabletop games? I just learned to play a form of viking chess called Hnefatafl